The beauty of a coastal city was in the imagination of Du Fu, a famous Tang Dynasty poet who wrote in one of his poems “Sprawling sea and land with lush islands and beautiful clouds meeting on the horizon”.
Taizhou enjoys the reputation as “a famous mountain on the sea”. The destiny of this famous, scenic city is closely related to its long history. It is the birthplace of the ancient Chinese Xiat...
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Customs at the Double Ninth Festival
The Origin of Double Ninth Festival
Qingming Festival in Taizhou
The Lantern Festival in Taizhou
Folk Customs in Taizhou
Xianju Color Stone Mosaic
Taizhou Luantan
Seeing Greater-Heat Boat off
Huangsha Lion Dancing
Lantern Culture
Xianju Waxberry
Yuhuan Orange
Dendrobium Officinales
Yongquan Sweet Orange in Linhai
Linhai Yangyan Tea
Ethnic Groups in Taizhou
Religions in Taizhou
Ranking 55th in urban comprehensive competitiveness in mainland China The city that boasts the country’s most dynamic private economy One of China’s ‘Happiest Cities’ A city that excels in quality co...