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Muncipal Government

Office Address: 8/F, the Municipal Administration Building

Office Time: 08:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:30

Contact number: 0576-88510210


Main Functions


1. to assist the municipal government leaders in inspecting and supervising the implementations of the counties (cities, districts) governments and the municipal government authorities on the State’s, the State Council’s, the provincial government’s and the municipal government’s laws, rules, regulations, policies and work deployment as well as decisions of the municipal government meetings and important instructions from the municipal government leaders; to timely give feedback and put forward suggestions;


2. to focus on the main tasks and key work of the municipal government in different periods, and organize to participate in survey and comprehensive analysis; to take charge of drafting relevant policy measures and submit them to the municipal government leaders for examination and approval;


3. to coordinate work among the municipal government authorities, between the authorities and the counties (cities, districts) and among the counties (cities, districts) under the entrustment or assignation of the municipal government leaders;


4. to handle documents and calls of the municipal government; to undertake or participate in drafting the important documents of the municipal government and the important speeches and reports of the municipal government leaders;


5. to take charge of the affairs of the municipal government’s various meetings, and the arrangement, records, minutes filing and implementation of resolutions of the municipal government’s plenary meetings, standing meetings, special meetings and the mayor’s office meetings as well as the organization and arrangement of the municipal government’s significant activities;


6. to publish important news about government administration activities on behalf of the municipal government, and understand the economy and trends within and outside the municipality by collecting, filing and formulating various important information; to take charge of guiding the municipality’s administrative information work and the office automation construction of the government systems;


7. to handle the bills and suggestions from the deputies to the People’s Congress and proposals from the members of the CPPCC, and guide the municipality’s government system for handling the bills and suggestions from the deputies to the People’s Congress and proposals from the members of the CPPCC; to take charge of dealing with problems reflected in letters and visits from the masses;


8. to take charge of contacting the municipal leaders, arranging them to participate in significant foreign affairs, receiving important guests and promoting the transparency of government affairs as well as reform on examination and approval system;


9. to take charge of dealing with the municipal government’s daily documents;


10. to administer centrally the Municipal Government Foreign Office (the Liaison Office) and lead the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government Reception Offices, the Municipal Government Research Office, the Municipal Government Emergency Management Office, the Municipal Migrant Service Management Office, the Municipal Chorography Office, the Municipal Housing Commission Office, the Municipal Government Decision Consultation Office and the Editorial Office of "Taizhou City Government Gazette”; to guide and contact the Municipal Government Office of Legislative Affairs, the Municipal Office for Combating Smuggling and Coast Defense and the Municipal Radio Management Office;


11. to guide the work of the offices of the counties (cities, districts) governments;


12. to handle other work assigned by the municipal government leaders.

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