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Zhuji-Yongjia Expressway Underwent Continuous 4-Day Traffic Diversion Construction
Source:Taizhou 2024-06-07 14:58

Starting from May 28th, the Zhuji-Yongjia Expressway underwent continuous 4-day traffic diversion construction. From 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day, comprehensive traffic control measures such as mainline diversion, entrance and exit closures, and ramp closures will be implemented in stages along the section from the Yongjia Interchange to the Mazhai Interchange in the Hangzhou direction of the Zhu-Yong Expressway. Specifically, the entrances to Gongyuyan, Shenxianju, and Butou toll stations in the Taizhou section towards Hangzhou direction will be closed, and the ramp from Baita Interchange to Zhu-Yong Expressway towards Hangzhou direction will also be closed.

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