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Prioritize Development, Unite Efforts, and Strive to Provide Education that Satisfies the People
Source:Taizhou 2024-06-07 14:42

On the afternoon of May 28, Shen Mingquan, deputy secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor, presided over the fourth "City Government Open Door Meeting for Suggestions," focusing on the theme "Striving to Provide Education that Satisfies the People." Leaders and experts were invited to offer insights and suggestions for the development of Taizhou's educational undertakings. Shen Mingquan emphasized the importance of thoroughly studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussions on education, diligently implementing higher-level decisions and arrangements, and consistently prioritizing education development. He stressed the need to measure success by the satisfaction of the people, accelerate the construction of a modern education system, and fully promote the high-quality development of education in Taizhou. This will provide solid support for the city's efforts in advancing the "Three Paths" and achieving the "Three Highs and Three News."

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