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Firmly Accelerating the Pace of Upgrading to First-Class and Making Every Effort to Build a Domestic First-Class Applied University Adapted to Modernization
Source:Taizhou 2024-04-30 14:10

On the morning of April 25, the Fourth Party Congress of the CPC Taizhou College opened, with Li Yueqi, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, in attendance and delivering a speech. He emphasized that as the leader in higher education in the city, Taizhou College must shoulder its mission and responsibility, firmly accelerate the pace of upgrading to first-class status, seize opportunities, enhance internal strength, leverage advantages, and make every effort to build a domestically first-class applied university adapted to modernization. This effort is aimed at making new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Taizhou. Zhu Qiaoxiang, member of the Municipal Party Committee and minister of the Organization Department, attended the event.

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