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Continuously Deepening the "Ten Million Project" in the New Era to Achieve Higher Levels of Urban-Rural Common Prosperity
Source:Taizhou 2024-04-30 14:10

On the afternoon of April 25, Shen Mingquan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, went to Luqiao District to investigate the improvement of the county's capacity and the deepening of the "Thousand-Village Demonstration, Ten Thousand-Village Remediation" project. He emphasized the need to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding the "Ten Million Project" and the spirit of his important speeches during his inspection of Zhejiang. He urged earnest implementation of the decisions and deployments of the provincial party committee and government, continuous advancement of the new urbanization strategy, iterative deepening of the "Thousand-Village Demonstration, Ten Thousand-Village Remediation" project in the new era, accelerating urban-rural integration development, facilitating the flow of urban-rural factors, and achieving higher levels of urban-rural common prosperity, thereby empowering and accumulating momentum for high-quality economic and social development. Deputy mayor Yang Lingling participated in the investigation.

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