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Taizhou City Held Grassroots People's Congress Working Conference
Source:Taizhou 2023-09-14 15:21

On September 7th, the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee held a city-wide grassroots People's Congress working conference through a video conferencing platform. The conference aimed to thoroughly implement the spirit of the provincial grassroots People's Congress working seminar and the Fourth Plenary Session of the Sixth Municipal Party Committee. It also sought to further advance the work of the grassroots People's Congress in our city and create more distinctive and recognizable achievements for Taizhou's People's Congress. Wu Haiping, the director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, delivered a speech, while Jiang Bingfeng, the deputy director, chaired the conference. Deputy directors Guan Wenxin, Mei Shimiao, Chen Meiping, Yan Banglin, Peng Yongjun, and secretary general Chen Gangmin attended the meeting.

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