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Innovation and Empowerment Drive Industrial Upgrading to Enhance Development Quality and Efficiency
Source:Taizhou 2023-09-14 15:20

On September 5th, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Li Yueqi, visited Yuhuan City to inspect and provide guidance on the implementation of the directives and spirit of the Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Party Committee meetings. He conducted this visit with a focus on deepening reforms, promoting openness, and advancing high-quality development. During his research on high-quality development, Li Yueqi emphasized the importance of Yuhuan remembering the earnest instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. He called on the city to shoulder the responsibility of being a major industrial hub with courage and determination. Li Yueqi urged Yuhuan to innovate, empower, and upgrade its industries, lead through practical action, and enhance development quality and efficiency. He encouraged the city to strive to become a significant development hub in the southeastern region of Zhejiang. Wu Caiping, a member of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary general, participated in the research.

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