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Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-07-13 04:54

China Daily Necessities Mall


With a current floorage of 107,000 square meters, China Daily Necessities Mall in Luqiao District, Taizhou is divided into 6 sectors, 16 exchange halls, 6,200 boutiques and standard stalls. It can accommodate simultaneously 0.1 million traders. The exchange commodities include such 10 categories as garment, cotton cloth, daily necessities, bedding, plastic products, furniture, decorative materials, home appliance, and nearly 0.02 million assortments. It is not only equipped with 24 elevators and escalators as well as international and domestic program-controlled telephones, but also installed with the monitoring system as well as the anti-theft and anti-fire automatic alert devices. Besides, it has finance, insurance, post and telecommunication and information centers as well as catering, hospitality, medical treatment and entertainment outlets. Around the Mall, there are over 40 consigning stations from which more than 150 vehicles are sent to all parts of the country every day and driven intoVietnam, Burma, Laos, Nepal, the Kingdom of Bhutan and Russia through frontier trade. The Mall is not only one of the most super-huge daily necessities trade centers in China, but also an ideal shopping place.


Luqiao Small Commodities Wholesale Market


Located at Shichang Street in Luqiao District, Luqiao Small Commodities Wholesale Market, one of the Chinese earliest small commodities markets, covers an area of 44,000 square meters and a floorage of 39,000 square meters. The Market has East Sector, West Sector, Footwear Sector and Comprehensive Transaction Sector, which mainly provides more than 0.02 million commodities with such 15 categories as general merchandise, footwear, bag and suitcase, knitwear, cotton, curtain, bedding, toy, crafts gift, knitting wool and clothing.


Zhejiang Fanglin Motor City


Located at 1 Yingbin Avenue, West of Luqiao District, Zhejiang Fanglin Motor City, with a total investment of RMB0.18 billion, covers an area of 180 mu, a floorage of 104,000 square meters and a business area of 0.04 million square meters. In the City, there are exclusive stores of imported automobiles, 4S automobile stores, complex automobile franchised agencies, complex automobile showrooms, automotive vehicle repair factories, information processing centers, closed-circuit television monitoring systems, microcomputer administration systems, broadband service centers, parking lots and catering suppliers.


Taizhou Mechatronics Hardware City


The Hardware City is located to the north of Luqiao Avenue, with the land area of 23,000 square meters and the floorage of over 43,000 square meters. More than 600 boutiques, 6 trading halls, 2,050 stalls and about 100 sets of apartments and warehouses in total have been established. It is a comprehensive market where the products in terms of mechatronics, hardware, cutter, bearing, screw and electronics are traded.


Taizhou Electronic and Digital City


The Electronic and Digital City is located at 699 Tengda Road, Luqiao District, with the area of over 30 mu, the total floorage of 114,110 square meters and the market business area of 45,000 square meters. There are totaling 1,625 stalls, 800 commercial tenants and over 3,000 employees in the market with a 10,000 person-time flow per day and the maximum 50,000 person-time flow in holidays. The annual market turnover is RMB1,338 million. At present, as the 3rd largest professional trading market of consumer electronic products in China, it boasts maximum single-deck commercial area, largest overall size, highest grade, strongest business atmosphere and most advanced commercial circulation in eastern China.


Taizhou International Plastic City


The Plastic City is located at 1288 Tailong Street, with the area of 234 mu and the total floorage of 0.28 million square meters. The Plastic City is the pioneer of commodity transaction in generalized plastic concept. There are 1,500 18.9-square-meter standard stalls in the market. It is a typical domestic Generation V professional market trading plastic hardware electrical products, kitchen and household items, hotel articles, toys and craft gifts, plastic products for agricultural use and daily use as well as plastic electrical equipments.


Zhejiang Glasses City


Known as the National Civilized Market, the Glasses City was established in December 1993. It is located in Duqiao Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang, to the coast of the Donghai Sea. The initial land area is over 30 mu, with the total floorage of more than 0.02 million square meters. Totaling 311 business shops and 930 stalls are set in the City. Thereinto, 186 shops and 384 stalls are franchised, with over 500 glasses dealers. Over 1,000 kinds of glasses products include domestic and overseas high-medium-grade sunglasses, presbyopic glasses, myopia glasses, etc. The market forms an emerging circulation industry with product display, agency wholesale, factory outlet and e-commerce in one. The establishment of the City promotes the rapid development of over 900 local glasses manufacturers, while the quality, brand and grade of glasses are continuously improved. About 0.03 million staffs are engaged in selling various glasses all over the country, with the domestic and overseas markets and branch companies established as well. The City took the initiative to establish Duqiao Glasses Import and Export Company as well as United Arab Emirates (Dike) China Center, which have good business prospects.


Wenling Pearl Jewelry Wholesale Market


The Pearl Jewelry Market is about 4km away from northern suburb, close to Nansongyan Provincial-level Scenic Spot and Jiangxia Provincial-level Forest Park. It boasts advantageous transportation as one of the largest pearl products distribution centers in China. All kinds of pearl jewelry products, such as necklaces and bracelets, and numerous animal-shaped crafts are traded in the Market, which attracts the merchants from Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan and Urumchi as well as Japan, America and Europe.

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