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Urban Construction



Since the beginning of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the government of Taizhou City has attached ever greater importance to the urban function construction. It has overcome many difficulties in house demolishment, land requisition and financing, adhering to the project tendering principle for urban construction, focusing on key projects, and vigorously promoting the “Project 710”, which has so far been advancing smoothly.


1. Construction of 10 Major Functional Areas


① Central area and its surrounding areas. The first one is Administrative and Cultural area. The main part of Municipal Archives has been completed; the construction of Municipal Library and Recreation Center for Women, Youth and Children has been forging ahead; and the joint building scheme of Municipal Planning and Exhibition Center and Municipal Museum has been submitted to the municipal government for approval. The second is CBD. The construction of Electric Power Dispatching Building in the CBD has been kicked off, and further rectification of the construction plan of Central Park is underway. The test piling for Tower B of Juding Mansion in the eastern CBD is being carried out; the pouring of foundation mat of the southern part of underpass has been finished; and the main lane is expected to be put into use on August 1st this year. The project of the road network with two vertical roads and three horizontal roads is now under tendering. The third one is Sports Area. The swimming pool of Municipal Sports Center has been accomplished and now is open to the public. The forth is Residential District. The construction of Taizhou Electricity Housing Estate has been completed, and so has the main part of Shangri-La building and Wanjia Huating Community. The fifth is Education Area. The first phase of Taizhou College Jiaojiang Campus Construction has been basically finished, and the initial expansion of two schools of Zhejiang University has come to an end.


② Refurnishing and renovation of the surrounding area of Baiyun Mountain-Rim. The demolishment & relocation policy for the southern side of Yunxi Road has been formulated and the application for demolishment permit is pending.
③ The first phase of Donghuan Square in the western side of Donghuan Avenue has been brought to an end, and Auchan Supermarket will be opened on July 10th this year.


④ 380,000 m2 resettlement housing area in Huangyan business block has kicked off the construction, of which 100,000 m2 has been topped off and the façade decoration is in progress. The bid for geographical survey of resettlement housing project of Jindu Community, with total building area of 468,000 m2, has been concluded. The decoration of interior and exterior walls of Guomao Building in commercial and residential area has been basically finished. The main part of 11 high-raise buildings in block A8 has been built to the 10th floor; 4 buildings in block B4 to the 10th floor; and 7 mini high-raise buildings in block B6 to above the 3rd floor. The pile foundation construction of block A3-1 and A3-2 has been completed. The main part of 10 buildings in block A5-1 (China Steel Shanghai Garden) has been constructed to the 3rd floor.


⑤ The preliminary review of the launch-area land plot for outbound relocation in the northern section of Huangyan River has been finished, and the environmental impact evaluation has received the official reply. The design of resettlement housing has been accomplished and over half of the geographical survey work has been finished.


⑥ The skirt building of Century Mansion in Luqiao Yuandong district has topped off and the main building has been constructed to the 26th floor. The construction of Deli Housing Estate will be kicked off on May 13th, which is undergoing pile foundation construction at present.

2. To build ten urban roads. Baiyun Mountain Tunnel has been completed and is open to traffic now. The bridge of Jiaojiang on Central Avenue has been almost completed. The stable layer of B3 and B5 has been completed while B5 has finished 400m of asphalt pavement. Two houses in Xiwang village has been demolished; only 1 house in Chaiyang village haven’t been demolished; more than 150 households in Mazhuang village have signed the demolition agreement; and Shangxu village will sign the agreement within the next few days. The first phase of the main lane from the west of Municipal Avenue to Sun City has completed the roadbed with the stable layer under construction. The second phase of Yongning River Bridge has been completed while the roadbed filling and pipeline construction has completed 800m which is 25% of the total workload. The rock ballast roadbed in the development zone from the first phase of Taizhou Avenue to the main lane of Municipal Avenue has been completed, so has been the roadbed bidding. The second phase to Development Avenue is going through bidding procedures. The construction drawing design from Shugang Avenue to Municipal Avenue has been completed and the bidding information has also been released. Zhanqian Avenue of Taizhou Railway Station has almost finished land acquisition and surface clearing, with the roadbed filling under construction. Zhanxi Avenue is still under policy handling. For the west of Development Avenue (to Central Avenue), the bridge pile foundation is under construction with temples under demolition. The preliminary procedures of east section have been handled and Planning Permit of Construction Engineering is under handling while the demolition is in progress. Jiaojiang Fengnan East Road will start the construction in the middle of June. The extension of Yanyu Road will start transplanting the shade trees and laying the power facilities underground in early June. The south extension of Luqiao Nanguan Avenue has been finished and the west of Tengda Road (to Caifu Avenue) is under declaration and proposal. The construction drawing design of Dong’er Road has been completed with the roadbed under bidding. Huangyan Laodong South Road and the south extension of Erhuan Road have completed the roadbed and stable layer.


3. Ten environmental engineering projects. The urban construction shall be aligned with environmental protection program. The protection and the rectification effort shall be further enhanced. ① Urban water supply. The trial operation of the second phase water supply project of Taizhou has started. The main pipes from Luqiao to Jiaojiang River have been laid out. The construction of Jiaonan Water Distribution Plant has been completed. The first phase of Jiaobei Water Diversion Project is in operation. The new water plant of Huangyan is put into use. The newly increased number of population benefiting from the centralized water supply stands at 227,800. 32,800 households have their own meters (one meter for one household). ② Urban waste water. The trial operation of Xianju and Sanmen sewage plants started on September 30, 2007, which fulfilled the target of “sewage plant for each county” set by the provincial government. Further strengthen the construction of sewage interception project. For the second phase of Jiaojiang waste water treatment project, the survey and inspection work of sewage pipelining to the sea has been completed and vacuum preloading for foundation treatment has basically finished. The pile foundation construction of the second phase of Luqiao sewage treatment project has also completed with three pools constructed, which is 40% of the total investment. The sub-pipelining for water distribution and sewage interception reached 66.3 km, and 317 communities and units have finished the layout of sub-pipelines. The daily throughput of sewage treatment had increased to 131,800 tons and sewage treatment rate has reached 71%. After the implementation of “811” New Three-Year Plan, the sewage plants of the city have cut COD by 15,413,2t by the end of May, 42% of the annual target. Push forward the sewage plant construction that focuses on central towns. This year, it is planned to start the construction of the Linhai Duqiao sewage pipeline network and Huangyan Ningxi, Wenling Daxi and Yuhuan Shamen sewage plants. ③ Refuse treatment. The refuse incineration plant of Taizhou City has finished the farmland transfer procedure. The Huangyan solid waste landfill and Jiaojiang waste landfill expansion project have been completed. The Three-Year Plan on Improving Sanitation Facilities is being implemented, with 15 urban and rural waste transfer stations established, 18 new sanitation vehicles, 12 new public toilets, and 42 reconstructed public toilets. By means of centralized construction, decentralized construction, reconstruction and leasing, etc., the sanitation worker dormitory with a total area of 13,500㎡ is constructed, of which 9,100 ㎡ is located in urban area, thus solving the housing problem of around 700 sanitation workers. ④ Hilly area plantation. The mountain area plantation is completed for Baiyun Hill in the development zone, Jiajiang Yanyu, Luqiao Central Hill, and Shibang Hill.


4. To build 10 cultural projects. Adhere to both protection and construction, be close to the public’s life, and build cultural products to make the historical culture, native culture and modern culture permeate into the urban texture, enhancing the city’s soft power. Complete the south extension project of Jiazhi cutural corridor and the scape garden of East Mountain. The point is urban sculpture. Taizhou City has organized 1% of cultural demonstration project and completed 20 pieces of sculptures and garden features with the establishment of Stone Carving Music Square and Calligraphy Corridor Phase I. There are six pieces of sculpture works rewarded in the provincial sculpture selection and the first provincial urban sculpture award party was held in Taizhou. The goal of “one meeting, one tower, eight sculptures” has been affirmed this year. The urban public art symposium have taken place in May. The reconstruction of Chilong Mountain Meteorological Tower has organized the schematic bid evacuation and among the eight sculptures, two options in Jiaojiang has been affirmed and one option is completed and one option is affirmed in Development Zone.


5. To build ten residential communities. Treat the residential area as one of vital elements for the development of the city capacity and the promotion of the quality. Focus on function upgrade, energy and land saving, localized style, and ecological environment for residences. Pay more attention to the construction of residence community and improve the residential quality. Those residence communities such as Shangri-La, Wanjia Huating, Taidian Commnity, Fangyuan•Huijing Garden, Jiaojiang City Bay, Luqiao Easten Feicui Garden and Shuitian Yise,etc. have been completed and communities such as Huangyan Kaiya Town have been almost finished.


6. To build ten green parks. Move forward with the establishment work of national garden city. According to the requirement of “Afforest Scientifically, Ecologically and Economically”, the city shall positively carry out the plan of “315 Project of Trees into City” to increase, protect and supplement the greens, bringing a big breakthrough to the urban landscaping. Improve energetically the conservation-oriented afforestation. Plant more trees and local trees, buckeyes and broadleaf trees. Encourage the vertical afforestation and increase the urban green scales. The downtown has planted 165,400 new trees. The construction scheme of central park needs developing. The first phase of East Gate Plaza has been completed. A tea room in Baiyun Mountain Park has been established. The mountain to be colored has finished the scheme stage. The planning of Taizhou botanical garden has been completed.


7. To build ten constructions. To highlight the cityscape and enrich the city image, we should take measures to the specified constructions. According to the requirements of careful planning, design and construction, the key constructions shall be focused on. Baiyun Ge has completed the construction drawing and plans to bid in August. Taizhou Bus Station (Railway Station) will start up in August and plans to complete in August next year, which is under bidding now. Huangyan Ganju Museum has recently completed its principal part and now steps into the decoration stage of it outside wall, which is expected to finish around October. Taizhou Coliseum has been completed temporarily, Taizhou Library will speed up the construction, Taizhou Power Building has been launched and the principal part of the real estate project for the Taizhou Private-owned economic Forum is under construction as well.

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