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Taizhou city is located in the middle coastal area of Zhejiang Province, bordering East China Sea in the east, Wenzhou in the south, Lishui and Jinhua in the west, and Shaoxing and Ningbo in the north. With a total land area of 9,411 square kilometers and a sea area of 80,000 square kilometers, Taizhou enjoys exceptional advantages in its geographical location. The city is seated against the mountains and in face of the sea, where plains alternate with hills, forming the pattern of “seven hills, one river and two croplands”. The topography tilts from the west to the east, with Yandang Mountain as the natural barrier in the south. Main peaks include Kuocang Mountain, Dalei Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, etc. The main peak Mishailang of Kuocang Mountain elevates to 1,382.4 meters, the highest in the east of the Zhejiang Province. Jiaojiang River runs from the west through the downtown area of the city to the east, and eventually into Taizhou Bay. In the coastal area, there are three Great Plains as the major grain production areas of Taizhou including Jiaobei Plain. The coastline of the east is as long as 651 kilometers. Within the offshore area there are 12 chains of islands and 691 islands, mainly Taizhou Islands, Dongji Islands, etc. Yuhuan Island, the biggest island, is now linked with the mainland. The sea area of continental shelf is 80,000 square kilometers and the population is 5,690,000, of which that in the downtown area is 1,520,000. The urban area of Taizhou is consisted of Jiaojiang, Huangyan and Luqiao Districts, with 2 county-level cities of Linhai and Wenling, and 4 counties of Yuhuan, Tiantai, Xianju and Sanmen.

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