Rui Hong Surveys Jiaojiang
Li Yueqi Surveys Huangyan
Wu Haiping Surveys Jiaojiang
Li Yueqi Surveys Luqiao
Government Departments
Municipal Party committee
1. to provide services for standing committee meetings of the CPC municipal committee, the municipal Party chief’s working meetings and other significant meetings of the CPC municipal committee, arrange the working schedules of the CPC municipal committee’s officials and compile “Chronicle of Events...
Municipal People’s Congress
Office of the Standing Committee of Taizhou Municipal People's Congress is a comprehensive office of the Standing Committee, whose main responsibilities are to do well synthesis, coordination and service work.(I) Under the leadership of the...
Muncipal Government
1. to assist the municipal government leaders in inspecting and supervising the implementations of the counties (cities, districts) governments and the municipal government authorities on the State’s, the State Council’s, the provincial government’s and the municipal government’s laws, rules, regula...
Muncipal CPPCC
(I) Be responsible for organization and services of plenary meetings, meetings of the Standing Committee, Presidents’ Meetings, Secretary-general Meetings, Special Committee Meetings, Symposiums of Committee Members and other important conf...
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