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Exclusive Perks for College Students! Free Admission to Scenic Spots in Taizhou
Source:Taizhou 2024-07-09 14:44

Taizhou, a city known for its mystical and heroic landscapes often featured in fantasy TV dramas. The familiar tales of immortal heroes unfold amidst its picturesque landscapes.

From June 30 to September 1, several scenic spots in Taizhou are offering free admission to the first attractions for university students nationwide. This includes the National 5A-rated Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area (Guoqing Temple Scenic Area, Shiliang Scenic Area), the God Immortal Scenic Area, the Ancient City of Taizhou (City Wall of the Ancient City of Taizhou, Donghu Lake), the National 4A-rated Wenling Long Island Sky (Shuangmen Cave, Guanxi Cave, Shuiyun Cave), the National 3A-rated Potan Ancient Town (including Tongjiang Academy), and the Danzhu Leisure Valley.


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