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Speed up Two “50%”Missions in 2nd Quarter with Solid Performance
Source:Taizhou 2023-05-12 09:11

The regular meeting for the vigorous promotion of innovating and deepening the reform and opening up and county (city, district) work exchange was convened on May 6, which was presided by Municipal Party Secretary Li Yueqi, in whose speech the initiative of high-quality development that should be grasped by all localities and departments was stressed on, the three ways of further innovating and deepening the reform and opening up was focused on, and the acceleration of two “50%”missions in quarter 2 was mentioned, so that Taizhou could be dedicated to the current work and reply with a satisfactory result in the first half of this year. The meeting was held by video, with sub-meetings for all counties (cities, districts) , as well as the Taizhou Bay New Area. Wu Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee and Mayor of Taizhou deployed relevant work for the 2nd quarter, and city leaders, such as Wu Haiping and Ye Haiyan were also present.

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