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Notice for Solicitation of the Global Forum of Hehe Culture in 2023
Source:Taizhou 2023-01-17 08:56

The Hehe Culture is one of the essences of Chinese traditional culture, which contains the cosmological view of the unity of nature and man, the international view of harmony with all countries, the social view of harmony but difference, and the moral view of harmony and goodness. Carrying forward the culture of peace and cooperation can help implement the global development initiative and promote common development of the world. Taizhou is the Holy Land of Hehe and the hometown of Hehe in China. It has successfully held several global forums with the theme of “Hehe Culture”, which has had a great impact at home and abroad. In order to further deepen the research of Hehe Culture and enhance its influence, it is decided to continue to hold the “2023 Hehe Culture Global Forum (HCGF)”.


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