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Deputy MayorLi Changming

Division of work:

Manage education, water conservancy, agriculture and rural areas, health care, affairs of retired soldiers, medical security, port and fishery management, rural revitalization, aging, etc.

In charge of Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Education, Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Water Resources, Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas, Taizhou Municipal Health Committee, Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Retired Servicemen Affairs, Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Medical Insurance, Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Port and Waterway Ports and Fisheries, Taizhou Municipal Port and Waterway Development Center, Taizhou Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Taizhou Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Taizhou Municipal Reservoir Resettlement Work Center, Taizhou Municipal Rural Revitalization Promotion Center, Taizhou Municipal Flood and Drought Prevention Affairs Center (Taizhou Municipal Basin Water System Development Center), Taizhou Municipal Water Affairs Group, Taizhou Municipal Zhuxi Reservoir Headquarters, and Dongguan River Regulation Headquarters.

Contact for Party History Office of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, Youth League Municipal Committee, Taizhou Municipal Red Cross Society, Taizhou Municipal Working Committee on Aging, Taizhou University, Taizhou Vocational and Technical College, Taizhou Vocational College of Science & Technology, Taizhou Open University and other Colleges and Universities, Taizhou Enze Medical Center, Taizhou Central Hospital (Affiliated Hospital of Taizhou University) and other Medical Institutions, Taizhou Maritime Safety Bureau, Taizhou Municipal Meteorological Bureau, and Provincial Citrus Research Institute.


Li Changming, male, Han nationality, was born in November 1973, Party Member, with university degree. He currently serves as Vice Mayor of Taizhou Municipal Government and Party Group Member.

He served as Deputy Director of Taizhou Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Member of Party Working Committee, Member of Standing Committee of Wenling Municipal Party Committee, Director of Organization Department, Deputy Mayor (executive), Deputy Secretary of County Party Committee, Acting County Head, County Head, and County Party Secretary of Sanmen County, and Deputy Secretary-General of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee (Director-level).

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