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Finish the Tasks with the Minimum Time and Lowest Cost with Focused Mind and Efforts
Source:Taizhou 2022-11-28 14:42

A Teleconference on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 was held on the afternoon of November 11. Wu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, stressed at the teleconference that it was the most critical and crucial time to prevent and control the epidemic. All local institutes shall adhere to the principle of “Sticking Together as a Whole”, focus efforts and work together to ensure that the epidemic prevention tasks can be solved in the shortest time at the lowest cost, earnestly understand and comprehensively implement the Twenty national measures to further optimize prevention and control tasks, resolutely prevent epidemic, hold the line, and create good environment for economic and social development. Municipal leaders Lin Yi, Zhang Yueyan, Ma Jianbin, and Li Changming attended the teleconference.

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