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Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and MayorWu XiaoDong

Division of work:

Preside over the work of the Municipal Government in all aspects.


Wu Xiaodong, male, Han nationality, born in December 1965, is a member of the Communist Party of China and holds the postgraduate degree of the Provincial Party School. He is currently Deputy Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee,  Mayor and Secretary of the Leading Party Group of Taizhou Municipal Government.

He once served as Deputy Director of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Secretary of China Communist Youth League Zhoushan Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary of Zhoushan Dinghai District Party Committee, Secretary of Zhoushan Dinghai District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Deputy Head of Zhoushan Dinghai District, Deputy Secretary of Zhoushan Putuo District Party Committee, Acting Head and Head of Zhoushan Putuo District, Secretary of Zhoushan Putuo District Party Committee, Deputy Secretary General of Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee (director level), member of the Standing Committee of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, Director of Organization Department, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary of Lishui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Lishui.

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