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Lead the Trend and Stand in the Forefront of the Times
Source:Taizhou 2021-05-27 10:39

As Taizhou develops from the former “coastal defense front” on the southeast coast, into the birthplace of China’s private economy, and then into the national “pilot area” for micro and small financial reform, which is developing towards the “demonstration area”, Taizhou financial practitioners have gone through a hundred years of wind and rain along with the development of the times.

Looking back on the stupendous changes in the past hundred years, Taizhou financial practitioners give intuitive answers with figures -- the total deposit balance of national banks in Taizhou was RMB 5.38 million in 1952 and RMB 157 million in 1978 and had reached RMB 1,045,209 million by the end of 2020 -- in rectangular coordinates, this is a steeply rising curve.

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