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Deputy MayorChen Tingchen

Division of work:

Manage natural resources and planning, housing and urban and rural construction, comprehensive transportation, foreign affairs (Hong Kong and Macao Affairs), civil air defense, comprehensive administrative law enforcement and urban management, investment promotion, etc.

In charge of Taizhou Municipal Natural Resources Planning Bureau (Taizhou Municipal Oceanic Administration, Taizhou Municipal Forestry Bureau), Taizhou Municipal Construction Bureau, Taizhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, Taizhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (Taizhou Municipal Hong Kong and Macao Office), Taizhou Municipal Civil Air Defense Office (Civil Air Defense Bureau), Taizhou Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau (Taizhou Municipal Urban Administration Bureau), Taizhou Municipal Housing Provident Fund Center, Taizhou Municipal Investment Promotion Center, Taizhou Municipal Urban Investment Group, Taizhou Municipal Traffic Investment Group, Taizhou Municipal Public Transport Group, Taizhou Municipal Civil Aviation Affairs Center, Taizhou Municipal Coastal Expressway Service Center, Taizhou Municipal Airport Office Taizhou Municipal “Three Reforms and One Demolition (Reform of Urban Villages, Reform of Old Factory Areas, Reform of Old Residential Areas and Demolition of Illegal Buildings)” Office, Taizhou Municipal Congestion and Overload Control Office, Taizhou Municipal Waste Classification Office, and Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Expressway Headquarters.

Contact for Taizhou Municipal Overseas Chinese Office,  Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, Taizhou Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, Taizhou Expressway Group and Taizhou Airport Management Company.


Chen Tingchen, male, Han Nationality, born in Wenling, Zhejiang Province in Sept., 1976, started work in Sept., 1997. He is a member of the CPC and an on-job postgraduate and currently holds the post of Deputy Mayor of the People’s Government of Taizhou City.

Chen has successively served as Office Secretary, Organization Officer, and Secretary of the CYL Committee of Linchuan Town, Wenling City and Assistant to Director of the Xinfeng Village Committee (temporary post); Secretary of the General Affairs Section under the Office of the Wenling Municipal Committee of the CPC; Officer of the General Affairs Division under the Office of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, Deputy Director of the Editorial Department of New Taizhou, and Deputy Chief and Director Officer of the General Affairs Division and Chief of Secretariat II under the Office of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPC; Deputy Director and Member of the Party Working Committee of the Administrative Service Center of Taizhou; Standing Committee Member and Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Yuhuan County Committee; Standing Committee Member of the CPC Yuhuan County Committee, Executive Deputy Head of Yuhuan County, and Secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of Yuhuan; Deputy Secretary-General of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of the CPC (Bureau-Director Level), Director of the “Multi-city Co-building of Civilized City” Office of Taizhou, and Full-time Deputy Director of the Office of Leading Group for “Common Control over Five Kinds of Water”; Director and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau (Planning Bureau) of Taizhou City; Secretary of the CPC Jiaojiang District Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee under the Dachen Island Development and Construction Management Committee of Taizhou.

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