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Be Vigilant against Infectious and Allergic Diseases This Month
Source:Taizhou 2021-03-05 17:12

Spring has begun in Taizhou. The temperature is rising this month, but the temperature difference is large between day and night and the weather is changeable, which is the high-incidence season of respiratory infectious diseases including COVID-19, influenza, and chicken pox, as well as intestinal infectious diseases such as norovirus and hand-foot-mouth diseases. The Taizhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds the general public to pay attention to the prevention of the above infectious diseases in their daily life, study, and work. March is also the back-to-school season of primary and secondary schools and universities, and personnel flow and contact are more frequent, creating favorable conditions for the prevalence and transmission of infectious diseases. Therefore, the public should be vigilant against the occurrence of clustering cases in schools.

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