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Taizhou’s E-commerce Ushered in a Good Start
Source:Taizhou 2021-03-23 11:02

“So many orders to print that my hands are tired out.” “The number of online live-stream viewers broke the 6,000 mark!” “Entering the top 50 on the national selling list!” At the beginning of the new year, Taizhou Weiji Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in good news one after another. The employees were busy with live stream, order printing, and delivery. This company, mainly engaged in children’s wear and shoes, had entered the fast lane through recruitment and supply chain construction last year and by virtue of live-stream sales. General Manager Xu Tengfei said that after the start of the year, the company would further expand the industry chain of children’s shoes and clothing accessories and add the sector of daily chemicals, so the overall sales volume this year was expected to increase by 5 to 8 times compared with last year.

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