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Beautify the City and Enhance the Civilized Image
2020-05-13 10:18

A "dirty, disorderly, and bad" environment is the source of germ breeding and virus transmission and also the most difficult and troublesome problem in the refined management of city. To consolidate the achievements in the prevention and control of COVID-19 and continuously promote the building of a civilized city, since April, Taizhou has carried out the Special Rectification Campaign of "Three Nos", namely, no "psoriasis", no disorderly stacking, and no neglected sanitary corner, which focuses on removing "psoriasis", cleaning up disorderly stacking, and clearing neglected corners, across the city.

So far, various units in various districts have been actively involved in the campaign, and various experience and practices with their own characteristics have been emerging, which inject inexhaustible motive force into creating a clean and beautiful city and improving the city's grade and refined management.

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