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Taizhou Procuratorial Organs Initially Pilot “Arrest-Prosecution Unification”
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Taizhou has taken the initiative in Zhejiang Province to carry out the “arrest-prosecution unification” among procuratorial organs in June, which has aroused social concern. The Taizhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate held a press conference on November 1 to brief relevant information on the “arrest-prosecution unification” pilot reform to respond to social concern and accept social supervision.

What is “arrest-prosecution unification”? What’s its significance? Du Bin, Deputy Procurator General of Taizhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, explained that for a long time the procurator organs adopted the “arrest-prosecution separated” mode with two departments undertaking the arrest and the prosecution duties respectively. With the development of social economy and the changes of legal environment, especially the background of the overlay of 3 reforms, some non-negligible flaws have been exposed in the “arrest-prosecution separated” mode, such as the low prosecution efficiency, the poor supervision result and the non-smooth procurator-police relation, which cannot adapt to the new situation of the current procuratorial work.

The “arrest-prosecution unification” will break the separation between arrest and prosecution and one procurator or one procurator group will be in charge of the whole process of a criminal case including arrest, prosecution and prosecution supervision.

“In short, previously it was ‘I arrest and you prosecute’; now it is ‘I arrest and I prosecute’.” said Du Bin. Since the pilot of this reform, the procuratorates of Huangyan, Yuhuan and Sanmen will integrate the investigation and supervision function and the public prosecution function and set up No. 1 Criminal Inspection Department and No. 2 Criminal Inspection Department according to the categories of different cases.

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