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Taizhou to Put More Enterprises on Cloud
Text Size:A A A 2017-07-14

As a key area of the new generation of information technology, cloud computing has increasingly become the commanding height of international competition in the information age and the booster for the new driving forces of economic development in recent years. In order to ensure the completion of the city's objective and task of "putting enterprises on cloud", the municipal government recently issued the "Taizhou City Action Plan for ‘Putting Enterprises on Cloud’”, and this year the city will put another 7,820 enterprises on cloud, including 16 new pilot enterprises and 16 new model enterprises.

“The term ‘Putting enterprises on cloud’ refers to the enterprises sharing the IT resources and having access to different resources on the virtual cloud to meet the enterprises’ different demands,” said Wang Jinlin, director of the information technology department of Taizhou municipal commission of economy and information technology, adding that in the past the enterprises needed to buy different servers, which was costly for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the “cloud” can help the enterprises save costs. In addition, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are not capable enough of opening up with the lack of internal software developers, which can also be settled by “going on cloud”.

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