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Too Many Waxberries to Cause Fire Within
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The waxberries are in season now, and the fruit has dominated the fruit stands on the streets. The waxberries can quench thirst and invigorate stomach, with the sweet and sour taste loved by many people.

The waxberries are rich in vitamin C, glucose, fructose and citric acid, sweet, sour and tasty. At the same time, the abundant potassium in the fruit can supplement element for those sweating much in summer. From the perspective of food functions, the waxberry is warm or hot, sweet and sour, has impact on lung and stomach and conduces to quenching thirst, invigorating stomach, digesting food and stopping vomiting and dysentery. However, no matter how good the food is, we cannot eat too much, as eating too many waxberries may lead to fire within (inflammation). 

If you have chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, too much gastric acid secretion and other symptoms, you should not eat waxberries with empty stomach, so as not to cause the diseases related to too much secretion of gastric acid; the diabetes patients with poor blood glucose control are also advised not to eat waxberries.

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