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In recent years, Zhejiang Taizhou Luantan Troupe has made several historical first in Taizhou Luantan:


1. Going abroad for the 1st time to Germany in 2011;


2. Renamed “Zhejiang Taizhou Luantan Troupe” in 2012 and becoming a provincial troupe;


3. Making an exchange tour abroad on behalf of China as designated by the Ministry of Culture and received by a foreign prime minister for the first time during its visit in New Zealand in 2012;


4. Setting up the 1st Taizhou Luantan Showroom in 2012;


5. Setting up its website and periodical in 2012 and its official WeChat in 2014, thus having its self-run publicity tools;


6. Making report performance in Hangzhou for the 1st time in 2013;


7. Starting to create the historical opera “Qi Jiguang” and its plays first included in Zhejiang Provincial High-quality Cultural Products Support Program;


8. Organizing a high-standard art development forum in the provincial city in 2013;


9. Its opera highlights “Little Banquet” took part in Zhejiang Valuable Operas Performance in 2013 and awarded the 1st prize;


10. Opening a special class for Taizhou Luantan in 2014, marking a great pioneering over past 400 years;


11. Organizing “1 Province, 1 Year – Taizhou Luantan Tournament (Shanghai)” – its 1st trans-provincial performance in 2014;


12. Invited to a live broadcast of “Shanghai Weekly Radio Concert - Taizhou Luantan Opera Highlights” in Shanghai in 2014;


13. Organizing its 1st Taizhou Luantan Concert in 2014;


14. Its modern operetta “New Road in an Old Village” awarded double gold prizes in Zhejiang Provincial Report Performance - its 1st provincial double gold prizes of provincial level in 2014;


15. Its band 1st took part in a provincial competition of Zhejiang Opera Music (Concert) Report Performance in 2014 and won the highest award;


16. The Lingzi Skill of “Little Banquet” made its debut in a key national performance of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2015;


It has won over 20 other awards, including the Nominee Award of Zhejiang Spiritual Civilization “5-One” Program, the Chinese Opera Red Plum Award, the Outstanding Group Performance Award in Zhejiang Valuable Operas Report Performance, the Special Award in Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Traditional Opera Performance, the Gold Award of Zhejiang Private Troupes Competition and the Double Gold Award of Zhejiang Modern Operetta.

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