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Stage in Ancestral Hall
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There were private schools at the side-rooms and outdoor of the Ancestral Hall of Shanbing Li’s Family (merged in one in 1811, the 16th year of the reign of Emperor Jiaqing). The stage there is of distinct features and its gray carving is of a high level. The huge timbering and the simple but exquisite sculpture, the architecture has been preserved as it was before. According to the “Genealogy of Linhai Li’s Family”, Li Huiqing, a descendant of Li’s family in the reign of Emperor Qianlong whose courtesy name was Yingkao and literary name Huaiting, made great fortunes in business and then opened the Luantan Class – Shanbing Luantan in the Ancestral Hall of Li’s Family in his later years, teaching “High Tune System”. And that was the well-known origin place of Taizhou Luantan. At present, 4 antique trunks are displayed in the Ancestral Hall with the tools actors then used on them and on the stand nearby are a dozen kinds of hats for emperor, prime minister and other characters in operas.

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