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Investment in Taizhou
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Thanks to prosperous commercial and trade market, favorable investment environment, continuously improved transportation infrastructure and efficient services to attract and serve investors provided by the government, Taizhou has become a hotspot for investors at home and abroad to invest in Yangtze River Delta region. In addition, solid industrial foundation, rich land resources and competitive operation cost make the investment advantage in Taizhou more outstanding in Yangtze River Delta region.

Foreign Investment

-Popular destination for foreign investment

Taizhou has used foreign capital in expanded areas based on unique resource advantage and active market mechanism. Foreign investment expanded from ordinary manufacturing sector to sectors of comprehensive agricultural development, environmental protection, high-tech, real estate, commerce and trade facilities and infrastructure. Competitive industries has continuously shifted from labor-intensive to capital- and technology-intensive ones.

Foreign investment in Taizhou has been very active. By the end of 2014, total accumulated FDI projects reached 2,250 with US 1.0209 billion total investment capital, USD 5.781 billion contractual capital and 3.803 billion paid-in capital. In 2014, 35 Chinese-invested enterprises abroad were approved with a total Chinese investment amount of USD 86.68 million. The accumulated Chinese-invested programs abroad number is 513 with a total investment amoun of USD 6.83 million fromChinese investors.

-Various preferential policies for investment favorable to industrial structure upgrading and development of industrial cluster

Taizhou encourages foreign investment in high-tech industry, advanced manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, R&D center, modern agriculture and modern service industry. For foreign investment projects in the above-mentioned sectors, if paid-in capital for the same year is USD 2 million –USD 5 million, there will be RMB 100,000 yuan reward; if the paid-in capital is USD 5 million –USD 10 million, there will be RMB 200,000 yuan reward, RMB 400,000 yuan will be rewarded for USD 10 million – 30 million for projects with paid-in capital for the same year and RMB 600,000 yuan rewarded for paid-in capital equal to or more than USD 30 million. The amount of project paid-in capital for the same year for high-tech industry and research center should meet the legal requirement, but the reward will be granted and the reward amount will be a level higher than the actual paid-in capital even if the paid-in capital is less than USD 2 million. In addition, reward for projects invested by World Top 500 companies is doubled.

Taizhou has built entrepreneurship service center for high-level talents, providing capital support for high-level talents to start businesses in various sectors and project capital support, living allowance and housing subsidy for high-level innovative talents. Personal income tax is exempted for award money received from Zhejiang provincial science and technology award. Advanced professional title and qualification can be conferred directly to overseas talents who meet requirements. Translated professional scientific and technological outcome in scientific research organizations and higher education institutes can be awarded to individuals in the form of shares or according to percentage of capital contribution. The award winners can be exempted from individual personal income temporarily before they get shares or dividends fromtheir capital contribution.

-More and more famous enterprises attracted by efficient government service, sophisticated infrastructure and great hard and soft Conditions to locate in Taizhou

After reducing administrative examination and approval procedures, optimizing service and implementing free agent system and multi-agency joint approval green channel, Taizhou has provided more convenient and efficient administrative service for investors to start up new business or conduct innovation. According to statistics, promised handling time needed for over 95% of examination and approval mattersin enterprise investment has been among the shortest in Zhejiang province.

-List of top ten foreign-invested enterprises in terms of investment in Taizhou (as of February of 2015)



Enterprise   Type

Industry   Category

 Investment amount (USD 10,000)



Country   (Region)

Taizhou Qihe-Tiandi Metals   Co., Ltd.


Metal product   manufacturing



Hong Kong

Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd.

Foreign-invested share-holding

Metal product   manufacturing


SEB Internationale S.A.S.


Zhejiang Landrover   Automobile Co., Ltd.

Chinese-foreign joint   venture

Transportation vehicle manufacturing


Centurion Industries   Limited

British Virgin Islands

Wenling Yintai Shopping   Mall Development Co., Ltd.




Yintai (Group) Co., Ltd.


Cayman Islands

Zhejiang Jingang   Automobile Co., Ltd.

Chinese-foreign joint   venture

Transportation vehicle   manufacturing


Shiji Industry Co., Ltd.

British Virgin Islands

Anheuser-Busch InBev Taizhou Co., Ltd.


Beverage manufacturing


Anheuser-Busch InBev

Hong Kong

Taizhou Resources Snow   Breweries


Beverage manufacturing


China Resources Snow Breweries

Investment company

Wenling Hanyang Resources   Power Co., Ltd.


Producer and supplier of   power and heating


Hanyang Investment   Holding Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong

Yaoda Group Co., Ltd.




Huafeng Group Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong

Zhejiang Qianjiang   Motorcycle Joint Stock Company

Foreign-invested   share-holding

Transportation vehicle   manufacturing


Huiyang Group Co., Ltd.


Hong Kong

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