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Linhai (Toumen) area of Taizhou Harbor
Source:市商务局 2015-11-17 11:47

As the central port of Taizhou Port planning and construction plan, this Development Zone is located in the north of Taizhou Bay and Taizhou Linhai City. The development zone enjoys a great deal of advantages, such as the deep water level, vast hinterland, stable beach, smaller waves, good cover conditions, rich anchor station resources. It has an area of 12.99 square kilometers, which composes of three blocks including Linhai Medical Industrial Park, Lingang industrial agglomeration area, port logistics area. The region has a high degree of industrial concentration which underpins by two pillar sectors as the pharmaceutical & chemical industries, automobile manufacturing. By the end of 2016, there were 204 enterprises invested in the Toumen Port Economic Development Zone and RMB 37.5 billion of gross value of industrial output has been achieved. Looking ahead, the gross value of industrial output for Toumen Port Economic Development Zone in 2020 is forecasted to achieve RMB 100 billion, of which RMB 90 billion will be contributed by the total annual revenue by industrial enterprises above state designated scale. Leading by the development of Toumen Port, a brand new development pattern will be formed as driven by the pharmaceutical & chemical industrial platform, Lingang industrial platform and Lingang new city.

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