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Taizhou Economic Development Zone
Source:市商务局 2015-11-17 11:44

This zone is located in the core area of downtown Taizhou and was approved by Zhejiang provincial government on the 30th January of 1997. In 2015, a new brand name of Taizhou green tourism resort management committee was awarded. It is integrated as a whole of the provincial economic development zone, the provincial tourism resort, the provincial Taiwan investment zone, the provincial high-tech industrial park. The development zone has a population of 196,000 in 134.28 square kilometers. It consists of four blocks including city core area, green heart block, east expansion block and coastal industrial areas. The development zone is actively building Taizhou innovative transformation leading area, core area of city development, livable demonstration area. In 2016, it realized a total fiscal revenue of RMB 4.471 billion, an increase of 19% over previous year. There are more than 100 industrial companies above the state designated scale, 6 listed companies, 18 national high-tech companies and achieved RMB 24.09 billion of the gross annual revenue by industrial enterprises above state designated scale by the end of 2016. As a provincial modern service industry cluster demonstration area, there are 157 financial institutions in its financial gathering area.

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