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Lantern Culture
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Xianju Embroidered Frameless Lantern was created in the Tang Dynasty. It was also nicknamed “Tang Lantern” as it was once used in the imperial palace in the Tang Dynasty. Besides, there was a popular tale about the lantern in Xianju: in the “Kaiyuan” period of the Tang Dynasty, a Xiucai (the one who passed the imperial examination at the county level) in Xianju lost his way in a big hill at night. Fortunately, a fairy saved him and gave him a frameless classic craft only made by sticking colorful papers embroidered with the “Shuishangfu” embroidery needle. The flying magic lantern finally took the Xiucai home. In commemoration of his adventure, the Xiucai made a crystal and soft-light lantern on the basis of the fairy’s magic lantern. Admiring the newly-invented lantern, people made a lot of lantern and hung them in front of their houses for auspicious blessings. From then on, the lantern’s workmanship was spread over the Xianju natives and the embroidered frameless lantern became a distinctive product in Xianju.

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