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Taizhou Luantan
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Originated from the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, Taizhou Luantan was listed by the State Ministry of Culture into the catalogue of national 318 local operas in 1955. Moreover, Taizhou Lutan has absorbed other rhyme schemes of Chinese operas. The singing of Taizhou Luantan is sweet-tempered or agitating, coupling hardness with softness. It has made the transformation creatively between military plays and singing plays. By combining the phonetics for the Central Plain with “Taizhou’s Offical Language”, the stage language of Taizhou Luantan is simple and distinctive. The distinctive Taizhou Luantan boasts a lot of stunts such as “double saddles on one horse” and more than 300 drama programs, which were highly praised by the drama circle and relevant experts. The performances of Taizhou Luantan were suspended in 1989 for many reasons. In April 2005, Taizhou Haidongfang Luantan Troupe, mainly consisting of young performers, was established under the supports of all walks of life.

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