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Huangsha Lion Dancing
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In the North Song Dynasty, Yang Xianqiang, the boxing coach in Huangshayang, Shuanggang, Linhai, established the Huangsha Lion Dancing Association. The association organized lion dancing performances in cities and towns at the festivals. Even the residents in Suzhou and Hangzhou could enjoy the spectacular performances. “Huangsha Lions” were invited to celebrate at the folk festivals and the wedding ceremony for auspicious blessings. Folks believe lucky lions could eliminate evils and disasters as well as bring about good fortune, wealth, and happiness. Huangsha Lion Dancing boasts its distinctive folk characteristics in terms of costume, stage property and performance. The performers give difficult postures on high tables, such as jumping over the table, somersaulting on the table, passing under the table, making a human pyramid and so on. In September 1952, “Huangsha Lion” won the Excellence Award in the Zhejinag Folk Sport Meeting. In 2004, the provincial department of culture listed the “Huangsha Lion” into the catalogue of the provincial 100 traditional folk arts and granted a subsidy of RMB80,000 for developing “Huangsha Lion”. Besides, Shangyou Village and Xiayou Village engaged boxing coaches and enrolled apprentices to spread the great art of “Huangsha Lion Dancing”.

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