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Religions in Taizhou
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Taizhou has long been known as a famous city boasting quite a number of monasteries, Taoist temples and churches. Taizhou played a significant role in the history of religions’ development, especially Buddhism and Taoism. For instance, the Tiantai Sect of Buddhism and the Nan Sect of Taoism were both originated from Tiantai Mountains; Fang Guang Temple in Tiantai County is the enlightenment site of the five hundred arhats; Longmen Sect of Quanzhen Taoism was originated in Weiyu Mountain of Huangyan District; three of the Taoist Ten Caves are located in Taizhou, Weiyu Cave in Huangyan District being the Second Cave, Yujing Cave in Tiantai County being the Sixth Cave and Kuocang Cave in Xianju County being the Tenth Cave. The Buddhism and Taoism culture in Taizhou are still playing an important part in religion culture at home and abroad. Guoqing Temple, Gaoqing Temple and Fangguang Temple in Taizhou city are among the list of Key Buddhist Temples in Han People-Inhabited Area. Each year, Japanese and Korean followers of Buddhism’s Tiantai Sect come to Guoqing Temple to worship the ancestral home of the sect and carry out religious and cultural exchanges.

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