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Civic Centre of Development Zone
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-08-25 03:56


Taizhou Civic Centre, located in the west of Taizhou Economic Development Zone (Development Zone) and clustered with the municipal government and other administrative institutions and enterprises, is the 1st real municipal central area in Taizhou. It consists of five functional sectors as follows:


Administrative and Cultural District: It is made up of the municipal government complex, Citizen Square and the public buildings including the theater, library, science and technology museum, culture and arts centre and ocean pavilion around. It is not only the administrative center but also the culture center showing Taizhou’s human environment and cultural and artistic dimensions. Thereinto, the 22.84-hectare Citizen Square, consisting of the Gathering Square, Culture Square and Waterscape Square, becomes the representative of the modern public garden landscape and largest public place for relaxation and entertainment in Taizhou.


Sports District: The 523-mu Taizhou Sports Center, the best of its kind in scale and function with an investment of about RMB1 billion, is mainly equipped with the main stadium, a tennis court, a gymnasium, a diving natatorium and the corresponding sportsman club, outdoor tracks and fields as well as balls training fields. The 13th Zhejiang Games, which were held in the Center as the main theater in 2006 turned out to be an instant success.


East Business District: Featuring large-scale department stores, the East Business District, the core of the Taizhou Civic Centre, which embraces businesses including Century Mart, Oumeiya International Household Plaza, Jia Le Ju in Xintai Plaza, Juding Plaza and Milan Spring, has kickstarted its way toward a large business area.


Central Business District (CBD): The CBD, located in the geometric center of Taizhou and covering the planning area of 59.2 hectares and the overall floorage of 1,372,800 hectares, consists of Shifu Avenue, Yueyuan Road, Donghai Avenue and Zhongxin Avenue.


The CBD is mainly divided into the three functional blocks as follows: The business block, consists of the integrated normal business, complex portal business, service and top grade (including finance and headquarters) business; the apartment block, is planned for the two lots of high-class serviced apartments to maximize the land use and the urban vitality; the public places block mainly covers a Central Eco-park and four sub-parks of Shopping Park, Water Park, Woods Park and Flower Park. The CBD aims to build itself into: first of all, the most vigor business center equipped with the domestic first-class and modern facilities following the Taizhou’s economic and emerging industrial trend, secondly, the most charming brand of Taizhou through its geographic advantage, high-level planning and design as well as the development and construction, and thirdly, the most attractive life focus by preserving Taizhou’s development vein and citizens’ customs and perfecting its function skeleton to color their high-quality lives. Up to now, Taizhou Power Dispatching Center, the first construction project to be settled in the CBD, has been launched.


West Business District: Located in the west side of Central Avenue and north of Shifu Avenue in the Development Zone and echoing the East Business District, the West Business District, a key government-backed project following the successful development of the East Business District, started its construction in 2008.


The West Business District, composed of Blocks A, B, C, D and E, features relaxation, shopping, catering and entertainment in the terms of urban function.


The district, themed pedestrian street block of cultural characteristics, is a unique business block for shopping, relaxation, entertainment, office, hotel and some mix of residence.

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