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Xianju Waxberry
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-07-13 03:46

Xianju Waxberry won a series of honorary titles for its fine quality in various authentication and assessment. Upon approval, the “Green Food” symbol was marked on 6 brands including "Xianlu" Xianju Waxberry. The Xianju Waxberry with "Xianlu" and "Xian" brands were both reorganized as the brand products of the National International Agricultural Expo for many times. "Xianlu" Xianju Waxberry got the gold award of the Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Expo for consecutive five years from 2001 to 2005 and registered origin place protection upon certification. In 2004, it was named as the Zhejiang Provincial Brand Product by the Zhejiang Bureau of Quality Supervision. So far, the waxberry area in the County has reached 0.11 million mu. In 2005, the total yield reached 45,000 tons, with the total output up to RMB0.25 billion and the average income per peasant increased by over RMB600; besides, the planting area of more than 0.08 million mu was promoted in such places as Jiangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou by implementation of the outward development strategy.

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