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Yuhuan Orange
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-07-13 03:46

Yuhuan Orange, also called tangor and orange, was widely planted over 400 years ago. It is one of the traditional famous fruits.


There are two advantages in the orange. The first is that it has rich nutrients and a high medicinal value. The appropriately sized orange is juicy and slightly-fragrant with pleasant sweetness. Its color, shape and taste are exactly like those of the America Grapefruit. According to the measurement of the Zhejiang Orange Research Institute and the US South Florida University upon negotiation, the orange’s main nutrients exceed those of the America Grapefruit. Furthermore, its main indexes including 1,057 PPm naringin, 71 PPm limonin, 109 PPm hesperidin all exceed those of other mandarins. In addition, the orange can inhibit the activity of reverse transcriptase linked with cancers and remarkably increase the activity of glutathione-s-transferase. Meanwhile, it is beneficial to improve the elasticity of vascular walls and blood capillaries and prevent from such diseases as high blood pressure and apoplexy. The second is that it has the exclusive advantage of excellent storage capacity for its thick peel. In November, the picked oranges can be stored in the normal-temperature rooms till April of the next year. If being treated for retaining freshness, they can be stored till July or August of the next year for sale.

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