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Xianju Waxberry
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-08 03:23

Xianju Waxberry, also called Xian Mei (berries for the gods) is produced in Xilu Village, Xianju County of Zhejiang Province. With green mountains, clear water, and fresh air, the fertile soil of the village is of high organic content and medium PH value. It is also one of the best places to develop ecological agriculture and grow green food for the mild climate, abundant sunshine and large temperature differences day and night, all of which provide good environment for the growing of waxberry.


Historical records show that the tradition of growing waxberries has been more than 1,000 years long; historically here is the famous production place of excellent waxberries.


Water Chestnut waxberry and waxberry of Dongkui being the two main early maturing varieties of Xian Mei, they bear large fruit with small core, cool, sweet and just a little sour. Every June is the ripe season of waxberries. Public health functions such as relieving summer heat, stimulating saliva, benefiting spleen, causing diuresis, increasing the appetite and favoring digestion meet all the needs, young or old.


The feast of the gods from the Divine Mountain is used to welcome the honored guests. Yan Jici, the former Vice-Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and famous scientist, thinks highly of it and named it Xian Mei. In 1999, it won the Name-brand Products on China International Agricultural Exhibition Fair.

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