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Xianju Mountain Vegetables
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-08 03:17

Since 1986, mountain vegetables have been planted in Xianju County, Zhejiang Province; now there are 15,000-mu vegetables consisting of ten kinds over 40 varieties, mainly red tomato, pepper, kidney bean, and broccoli. Among them are the red tomato zone, the pepper zone, and the ginger zone across the city. 


There are not so many pests in the vegetables here because the environment is great with fresh air and clean water, free from pollution of the three wastes (waste gas, waste water and industrial residue); therefore, pesticide is seldom used in mountain vegetables. Fresh and tasty, rich in carbohydrate and vitamin, the green food is of high quality; not doubt people have the preference for them. The vegetables have gained much more recognition these years due to the promotion and advertising. 5000 tons of vegetables are sold on the markets of nearby cities like Ningbo, Wenzhou and Taizhou every year, which not only meets the needs of the people, but also becomes the effective way for the farmers to shake off poverty.

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