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Taizhou Clam
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-08 03:15

Clam is a common kind of sea food with the similar shape and size of pumpkin seeds.


Soft delicate flesh, a good dish to go with wine, clam can be regarded as a special of sea food. Some may complain about the difficulty of eating it. It is really ordeal for a quick temper to eat it. However, there are experts at eating it: you do not eat it one by one, but take it spoon by spoon using your tongue as a mixer to separate the shell and meat. After that, you spite out the shell instantly, a dish of clam is eaten up. This may remind you of the famous poem on clam, a poem to praise the way people eat it.


For this kind of sea food with shell, the locals of Taizhou City would boil them. When you have boiled the clams for 10 seconds or so, you can fish them out in the basin, adding soy sauce and chopping scallions and garlic, in this way, it will be quite delicious.


Put the clams on the hot grill, adding the ingredients, the calms open their mouths, showing the meat just like blossoms.


Most of the clams have a lot of mud and sand because they live in the shallow offshore waters and beaches. Before eating, they should be immersed in salt water for half a day. Sometimes you may experience sand in the clam while eating in restaurants, do not worry, it shows you are quite healthy.

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