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Tiantai Yunwu Tea
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-08 03:16

Tiantai Yunwu Tea was planted in Huading Peak of Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang Province; most of the place was 800-900 meters above sea level. With an average temperature of 12.2℃, the area is cool in summer and cold in winter. The sandy fertile soil is always moist for the fog and snow all year round with the annual precipitation of 1,900 millimeters. The farmers make full use of the terrain and plant scattered tea with surrounding tress as natural barriers to protect them from the severe cold and strong wind. Because of the low temperature, the buds grow slowly, thus the picking is a little later than the others.


To ensure the uniqueness, only spring tea is picked. The farmers used to stir and dry the tea. Now they adopt a new method combining stirring and heating together to dry the tea by hand-making. After detailed procedures of drying the tea, the outcome is satisfying: green and flavorful, sweet and fragrant. Been brewed for three times already the tea is still fresh with fragrant. This is why it is the treasure of the green tea.


Since the Han Dynasty, Tiantai Mountain has been a tea production place. It was recorded that Ge Xuan, a Taoist at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, had already planted tea in Huangding Peak. In the Tang Dynasty, Zuicheng, the Japanese distinguished monk came to Tiantai Mountain for Buddhism. He took the seeds when he came back, and planted in Japan. Since then, Yunwu Tea has been planted in Japan for more than one thousand years.

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