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Taizhou Capitulum Mitella
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-08 03:15

Capitulum Mitella is a type of arthropod that is shaped like the foot of a tortoise, and has a shell with an opening used to catch prey. It lives in the crevices of coastal rocks along the seas to the south of Zhejiang Province. The locals call it hand of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy (Avalokitesvara’s hand), kind of interesting; even the most imaginative can never associate the name with a kind of seashell.


With a strange shape of pressing one's palms together, Capitulum Mitella’s coarse shell feels like the skin of dinosaurs. I had dug Capitulum Mitellas on the rock. There are so many others such as crabs and snails there. Only the Capitulum Mitella hides in the crevices of rocks silently. It takes great trouble and time only to get a few with your hands wounded.   


There is also the right way to eat Capitulum Mitella. Some just pry the “fists” with great difficulties thinking that the meat is mainly inside the shell. Actually the meat there can not be eaten. You can have it if you part the shell and the base where the meat really hides. With a little ginger, the meat tastes fresh and flavorful.   


Capitulum Mitella is rare and expensive, few has the chance to taste it, let alone only little meat can be eaten. Most people lose the patience to eat it; after all, there are still so many sea foods here on the table, do not waste your time there.

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