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Daxi Taro
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-08 03:12

Daxi Taro, also nicknamed Daxi Taro Nipple due to the resemblance between them, is the specialty of Daxi County in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. “All the experienced men have tasted Daxi Taro” is the praise from the locals.


Consisting of a single fleshy bulb, Daxi Taro is big and round. Generally such a taro weighs about one kilo; a bigger one can be more than two kilos. Crisp and rich in starch, crude protein, and cellulose, it can be used as staple food, to cook dishes, and make high-quality cakes such as 9-scented candy, Huafu biscuits, etc.


Daxi County is located halfway of the mountain, perfect alluvia for growing taros with the rich sandy soil. With a history of over 200 years, the taro is of high quality and productivity: generally each mu of land can produce 1,250 kilos to 1,500 kilos; a higher production can be over 2,000 kilos. The total annual output is 370 tons or so on average. It can still be fresh in about 5 months from harvesting November to April next year.


Daxi Taro was mainly sold within Zhejiang Province in the previous years, while its sale outside began in the 1980s. It was marketed into Shanghai in 1987.

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