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Taizhou College
Source:Taizhou Information Center 2011-06-14 11:31

Taizhou College, located in coastal city Taizhou, is the Promised Land for studying.

The college is to the east of the sea, the south of Yandang Mountain and the north of Tiantai Mountain. It provides great environment to study and research with pleasant scenery and convenient traffic.


Taizhou College, a comprehensive university upon approval by the Education Ministry of China is under the administration of Zhejiang Province and Taizhou City. Taizhou College boasts a long history: it was set up in 1907 and then became Tiazhou Normal Technical College upon approval by the State Council in 1978.


The college runs education in Linhai and Jiaojiang, with an area of 1,500 mu and a total floorage of 390,000 square meters. The library has a rich collection of 1,335,000 books, 1,050,000 E-books, and 3,100 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. The college is equipped with RMB122.95 million teaching and research devices, a standard track and field stadium, swimming pools and other modern facilities.


Providing 37 Bachelor's Degree programs and 16 Associate-degree programs under 9 subjects on literature, natural science, technological sciences, management, law, education, history, medical sciences, economics, Taizhou College owns 14 secondary colleges, including the School of Humanities, School of Economy & Trade Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Mathematics and Information Engineering, School of Physics and Electronic Engineering, School of Life Science, School of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering, School of Physical Science, School of Arts, School of Teacher Education, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Constructional Engineering, School of Medicine and School of Adult Education. More than 14,000 students are studying in Taizhou College.


Taizhou College has a team of scholars with profound academic achievements, including 794 full-time teachers, about 300 of which have senior professional titles, 66.6% of which have Master’s degrees and Doctor’s Degrees. The education team in Taizhou College has great achievements. Among them, 6 staffs enjoy the Special Subsidy issued by the State Council, 11 staffs are employed as supervisors for undergraduate, 30 staffs are awarded the titles of National Model Workers, National Model Teachers, National Best Teachers, Youth Experts with Outstanding Contribution, etc. In addition, the college also employs more than 30 authoritative experts and scholars as guest professors.


The college always aims to foster talents as a fundamental task by sticking to the management and teaching principle of “Locality, Application, Comprehensiveness and Higher Education”. Over the past two years, students have won many awards in the national contests of undergraduate electronic design, mathematical modeling, multimedia works design and English speech delivery. The employment rate of graduates from Taizhou College maintains 93% approximately. The college receives international students and Chinese students can apply for studying abroad, thanks to its cooperation with 20 universities from U.S.A, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Sweden, and other countries.


With its motto “Value ethics and timely education”, Taizhou College is dedicated to morality cultivation by encouraging students to have their own careers in their life and guiding them to be international talents with professional skills. Since its establishment, more than 35,000 students have graduated from Taizhou College, over 200 of which have been awarded the titles of National Model Worker, National Best Teacher, and have become successful entrepreneurs, supervisors of PHD, as well as leaders of governmental authorities. Moreover, Taizhou College itself has won various honors, such as National Greening Model Unit, China’s Best Mandarin Teaching & Promoting Unit, Model Unit in Zhejiang Province, Safe Campus in Zhejiang Province, and Innovation Unit in Ideological & Political Work in Zhejiang Province. In 2008, Taizhou College passed the undergraduate teaching level evaluation conducted by the Education Ministry of China (totaling 19 indicators: 17 rated “A” and 2 rated “B”).


Adhering to its motto “Value ethics and timely education”, the century-old Taizhou College will endeavor to improve its education quality to become an influential and distinctive local college.

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